SoCal Surf Fishing Articles Archive

SoCal Surf Fishing Articles Archive

So you want to get into surf fishing in California? Read about the basic gear you will need along with some helpful tips and tricks.

Surf Fishing Basics

• Surf Fishing Must Haves – by: Tom Ito (aka Catfish)
Surf Fishing is one of the easiest things to get into. However, there are a few things that you need in order to get started. Here is a list of… (read more »)

• The Ideal Light Tackle Surf Fishing Outfit – by: Tom Ito (aka Catfish)
That old bass fishing rod is all that you need to get out on the water. Here are some things that I look for in a light tackle surf fishing outfit… (read more »)

• How to Fish a Grub – by: Tom Ito (aka Catfish)
Throwing a MORF (Motoroil w/ Red Flake) grub is easy and is possibly the best artificial lure to use while surf fishing in Southern California… (read more »)

• Common Fish Caught in the Southern California Surf – by: Tom Ito (aka Catfish)
You never know what you’re going to catch when surf fishing in Southern California. Here are some of the most common catches… (read more »)

• Fighting a Fish in the Surf Zone – by: Tom Ito (aka Catfish)
There are some unique variables that you have to deal with when you’re fighting a fish in the surf. Being aware of these will help you… (read more »)

Surf Fishing Tips

• How to Properly Rig a Grub – by: Tom Ito (aka Catfish)
The MORF (Motoroil w/ Red Flake) grub is possibly the best artificial lure to use while surf fishing in Southern California. We’ll talk a little bit about…(read more »)

• Swimbait with Grub Teaser Rig – by: Tom Ito (aka Catfish)
Big baits = big fish. However, sometimes it means that you have to sacrifice quantity for quality. Here’s a rig that I’ve been having a lot of success…(read more »)

• Surf Tackle: The Long and Short of It – by: Mike Burian (aka Reeler)
What’s the best way to assault the suds? Different techniques require different tackle. Here’s a brief rundown on what’s best to use and when to use it…(read more »)

• How to Rig Big – by: Mike Burian (aka Reeler)
A do-it-yourself guide to putting the brakes on the big biters…(read more »)

• One Way to Fish for Leopards in the Surf – by: Brad Baron (aka ZZZZZ)
There are many ways to catch Leopard Sharks from Southern California beaches. This is what has worked for me…(read more »)

• Berkley Gulp! Review and Fishing Tactics – by: Marc Cooper (aka w6iww)
I have been fishing the Santa Monica bay since I was four years old (in 1954) and I can flatly say I have never seen an artificial bait as powerful…(read more »)

• Scents: The Missing Part of the Equation of Fishing Plastics – by: David Yumori (aka DKY)
Why fish with scent? The following article discusses the benefits of using scents on you plastic lures…(read more »)

• Hooking Sandcrabs – by: Jeff Tesoro (aka Charlie)
“How do you hook a sand crab?” is a common question asked in surf fishing forums. There are many ways of hooking sand crabs…(read more »)

• Reel Maintenance Part 1: Spinning Reels – by: John Kim (aka JKim)
The following are some basic maintenance procedures that I perform on my spinning reels. How often you break down your reels will depend on how often you use…(read more »)

• How to Drop Shot – by: John Kim (aka JKim)
The drop shot technique was brought over to the US by freshwater bass anglers from Japan. It is a finesse technique utilizing light line and small plastic lures…(read more »)

• Reel Maintenance Part 2: Spinning Reels Continued – by: John Kim (aka JKim)
In this segment, we will be removing the rotor, cleaning the main shaft, roller bearing and taking a look at the main gear assembly. The sample used for this segment…(read more »)

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